Incompetence and Dirty Pool in SEO

Failed relationships between businesses and their SEO provider usually have a bunch of common traits between them. J.C. Penney’s recent SEO problems with their provider are a high profile example of SEO gone wrong that ends up damaging a company whether it’s innocent or not. Because SEO firms can make big bucks for delivering high rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), there’s a huge motivation for them to push the boundaries of fair play either a little or a lot. If rankings are happening, it’s often the case of “don’t ask – don’t tell” regarding how exactly the high rankings are being achieved.

This is where J.C. Penney possibly got into trouble as it’s almost impossible that the rankings they were getting for generic keywords like “dresses” and hundreds of others were going unnoticed at the company. When the black hat scheme was uncovered J.C. Penney disavowed any knowledge of what was going on and fired their SEO provider but it didn’t matter. Google took “manual action” which immediately dropped top listings for hundreds of suspect keywords linking to J.C Penney site pages to the backwoods of Google search.

In other cases of failed relationships, the reason is related to a simple formula of spammy SEO techniques that end up hurting the customer and the SEO industry as a whole.

Here are three of them:

  1. Splogging – First of all, you’ve got to love SEO lingo. Anyway, this practice consists of originating links on spam blogs which then connect to the businesses website. The splogs add no value and the links aren’t relevant so they don’t add much either.
  2. Link farms owned by the SEO company – Link farms have been in Google’s cross hairs for a while so this practice has become even more dangerous. Even if some of the links are actually valid, breaking off the relationship with the SEO company will also terminate the links.
  3. Comment spamming for page rank – This has become fairly common because it’s relatively easy to do but it’s also probably the most lame of the three “techniques” mentioned here because the spam is so easy to see and it reflects poorly on the business that the SEO company is supposed to be helping.

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